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Placeholder: MLK Day

Posted in Mikkeller, Uncategorized by SM on January 16, 2012

No post or list today. The Mikkeller Royal Rye Wine arrived Saturday, but we were out. I can’t pick it up today since it’s MLK Day. So, the beer will sit in the USPS beer cellar for one more day.


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Friday Movie

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on January 13, 2012

It’s a Friday afternoon and I don’t have anything for you. So, like teachers all across this great land of ours, I will show you some videos instead of actually teaching you anything. Granted, two of these videos were supposed to inspire blog posts of their own, but I’m being lazy.

The first video is part of that stupid Shit X say meme.

The second is an excellent video made by regular commenter Carrie Wade and Michael Hopkins.

The third video from which you can learn is this talk Coalition favorite Greg Koch of Stone gave to the nerds at Goolgle.

Have a good weekend, all.

Happy Xmas B####es!

Posted in Life by SM on December 24, 2011


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Programming Note: Blogroll

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on December 21, 2011

cinnamon rolls
I finally got around to fixing the blogroll. Although, there may still be a couple of links that lead to virtually dead blogs, most of my regular readers and members of the coalition should be somewhere in the three categories: Beer, Pavement, and Coalition By Proxy. Please peruse the roll and let me know if you’re not there. It could be an oversight or maybe I didn’t apply the correct category in the settings. Either way, let me know and I will right that wrong.

Regular posting should resume tomorrow. I have myths to dispel and holiday cheer to spread. Happy Hanukkah.

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Or Not

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on November 25, 2011

I thought I’d get a post out today, but I’ve run out of gas. The day’s been busy and I’m tired. It was a good run. Maybe I’ll pick it up tomorrow.


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Black Friday Post Coming…

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on November 25, 2011

I will post something by the end of the day. Holidays tend to get in the way of blogging, especially when one is trying to post every day…

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In the works…

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on November 10, 2011

A post is in the works. Work combined with the struggles to post daily make it hard to get something out every morning. There will be a post by the end of Thursday, CST.

How about that Joe Paterno news?

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Top 5… on the way

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on November 7, 2011

There will be a top-5 today. I just haven’t had time to finish it. (Don’t worry. It’s nothing special.) However, instead of at the beginning of the day, it will come closer to the end. There will be a post tomorrow as well.

Stay tuned…

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Posted in Jock Straps by SM on October 28, 2011

No post today. I was up late, cheering on the Cardinals. That is maybe the most Missourian thing I’ve ever done. There are good posts in the works. I will have a legit top-5 ready for Monday as well as two shows this weeked. Stay tuned…

H/T J Parshal (Click me.)

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Sorry, No Post Today

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on September 30, 2011

I am super swamped with work and a course I’m taking in basic HTML. Luckily, I’m using my opportunity to build a site as a chance to create something for this blog. Here’s a little taste…

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