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Treble Kicker Beer

Treble Kicker is my made-up brewery for my homebrews. My recipes can be found here, but what I’m working on is below.

Just Finished: Summer Babe APA

In the Primary: Nothig.

In the Secondary: Tenured Dingo Scotch Ale & New Slang Saison & Guided By Voices Belgian-style Quad

Bottled: Nothing…soon.

Next Up: ?

Beyond That:  I?

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  1. John King said, on May 20, 2011 at 9:32 am

    With the Harnessed In Slums, I think you’ll be real happy with the aroma qualities of the Citra when it’s finished. The aroma overpours the taste of Citra, but the Simcoe and Cascade will shine through in taste. I did a DIPA and used the initial mash for one beer and then the sparge for the other. The secondary was only 4% but I loaded it with Citra hops and its an easy drinking summer beer.

    Beyond that- go Barleywine! Age in some bourbon soaked darker fruits.

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