Beer and Pavement

Bottled Up

Posted in Beer, Intersections by SM on May 16, 2011

Sample, ale pail, OSU shot glass, Brewer's Whiskey by New Holland, caps, capper, etc.

Sorry. I bottled my Harnessed in Slums IPA last night instead of writing a post. The beer hit exactly where I needed it to final gravity-wise. Thursday’s New Slang Saison started bubbling late morning on Friday and has gone steadily all weekend. I’m thinking there’s enough yeast in there to get me through.

There’s one post that’s like 1/3 done (1/2 written, footnotes left to write), but I just didn’t have the energy for it. So, just gander at another Hipstamatic photo above (because I’m not a real photog with a real camera) and watch the video made especially for this beer below.

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