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My Goodness

Posted in Live by SM on August 15, 2011

I have other posts in the works, but here’s a review of a show from the weekend. It originally posted last night at The CoMo Collective. If you are from Columbia, MO or used to be from here, you should check it out. Even if you’re not, please click over once in a while. We have ads and my next tattoo, MacBook Pro, and beer shop won’t pay for themselves.

My Goodness

My Goodness

A smattering of folk sauntered into Sideshow Saturday night to catch a band or two. While most of the kids stayed just outside to get a smoke, a few of us wandered to the back of the venue, just past the bar to see and hear something awe-inspiring: My Goodness. For whatever reason, not many people showed for what is supposed to be an up-and-coming act out of Seattle and they missed out.

Let me start out by going the lazy rock journalist/blogger route by comparing My Goodness to other bands based solely on the most superficial of attributes. Like many an indie rock upstart over the past 15 or so years, My Goodness feature two members, three components: drums, guitar, and voice. Like the Black Keys, My Goodness plays their own brand of the blues. However, their tempo and urgency better resemble that of the Vancouver twosome Japandroids. I’d even say that their act reminds me of something closer to early White Strips, but drummer Ethan Jacobsen mops the floor with Meg White’s flock of black hair as he punishes the skins with reckless abandon. Another alt-twosome from Seattle that comes to mind is 764-HERO, but despite all their angst, they left open space where My Goodness guitarist Joel Schneider leaves dead bodies.

(Also, they sound absolutely nothing like Quasi, Matt & Kim, nor Mates of State for obvious reasons.)

My Goodness’ set was absolutely brutal. They laid into their instruments, punishing them, breaking strings, and testing the limits of Sideshow’s sound system. It amazes me the amount of noise that can come out of just two musicians, but My Goodness put on an ear-assaulting set that won’t soon be forgotten by the 10-15 of us who decided not to hang outside.

And that might be the most amazing part. My Goodness played for virtually no one but themselves and they tore up the stage. They even offered free t-shirts to any women wanting them, losing a third of their audience to free merch. When they asked how much time they had, I wondered if they were done playing for so few people, but they actually were excited upon learning they had another 15 minutes to play. It didn’t matter that you didn’t show your face Saturday night. My Goodness played anyway.

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