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Hurricane Irene Relief

Posted in Activism, Life by SM on December 6, 2011

This is the time of year we all try to give back. We here in Missouri know more about this than most as we pooled together our resources to help the victims of the tornado in Joplin this year. As a community, we are helping that community recover.

Of course, since that tragedy, there have been others. The havoc wreaked on the east coast by Hurricane Irene was pretty devastating in its own right. Thankfully, there are individuals trying to help those communities affected by the hurricane as well.

Kara McGraw is someone I’ve “met” online as she’s worked hard to promote bands at her label to a lowly blogger like myself. I’ve even scored some free music and a spot on a guest list out of it.

Kara is from one of the affected communities in Vermont. She wrote a Christmas song to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Irene in Vermont. Listen & download the song for free here. Donations can be given as it’s one of those “name your price” deals. You get to help out a community in need and receive a nice holiday song in return. Win-win.

There’s more info about the song here and a video below. In the meantime, consider donating what you can this holiday and keep those affected by Hurricane Irene in your thoughts.

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