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My True/False Preview: 5 Things

Posted in Film by SM on March 3, 2011

While I am not the most experienced, not most in-the-know person attending this year’s fest, I do have five of these buggers under my belt. So, that has given me some insight into a few things you should keep in-mind for this year’s edition. Here are my top-5 things to remember as you enjoy 3-4 days of docs, drinks, and dancing:

  1. Plan your Q carefully. The Q is what non-ticket-holders use to get into films they really want to see. The key to the Q is to show up at least an hour ahead to get your number. Once the numbers are passed out, you’ll have 45-50 minutes to kill. It used to be that one could get into almost any film on the Q, but that’s not the case as the fest has grown. I’d suggest Q’ing it up for films in the larger venues such as the Missouri Theatre, Blue Note, or the Windsor Cinema on the Stephens campus.
  2. Take your own food and water. On paper, the schedules look spacious. It appears there’s a lot of time to grab a bite between screenings. However, after staying to hear some Q&A from the filmmakers and enjoying the walk from Stephens College to the Missouri Theater, passing crowded eatery after eatery, you’ll come to realize that there just isn’t time to eat. Take some food with you. I suggest any kind of sandwich that fits under the “pocket” or “wrap” category. Also, take a water bottle and rehydrate whenever possible.
  3. When you do have time to eat, I’d suggest breakfast at Uprise, Booches Burgers for lunch (and hangover cure), Kaldi’s for that afternoon caffeine jolt, and happy hour sliders and beers at Sycamore. Sure, those are some decadent options, but it’s a festival. Be festive!
  4. Don’t carry all of your tickets at once. It’s too easy to lose that manilla envelope your tickets come in or accidently let one ticket slip out as you pull from your stash. I always organize my tickets by day and leave the rest in a safe spot at home, ready for the next day’s onslaught of nonfiction.
  5. Enjoy like there’s no tomorrow. If you can see ten films this weekend, go see eleven. If you are done with the films for the day, there’s sure to be a party or band showcase you can attend. Don’t worry about overload. You can rest next weekend. Besides, like Xmas, True/False only happens once a year.

Those are my “things.” Some other Middle Missouri bloggers have other ideas. Most are captured at Capturing COMO. Show-Me Eats has your menus all picked out. That and there are a million and one Twitter hashtags in use for the weekend:

I’ll recap here after the weekend is through. You can also go to a new spot, CoMO Collective, if you want more T/F reflection.

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