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My Obligatory Anti-SOPA Post

Posted in Activism by SM on January 18, 2012

All the SOPA stuff today will make it easy for me to fill a post today. I’m really too busy to post this week. The goal is to get something out by Friday and pick up the pace next week. Until then, I will tell you how bad SOPA is. It’s bad. It’s bad for the internet. It’s bad for free speech. It’s bad for learning. It’s just plain bad.

From what I understand, there aren’t even enough votes in the House or Senate to pass the thing and the president doesn’t support it either. I’d post links, but they’re all blacked-out. (Not really. I’m just lazy.) So, I think we’re in the clear, but it’s good that we stand up for some freedoms periodically just to keep Washington and corporate America aware that we’re paying attention. Sometimes.

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