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Top 5 for September 5, 2011

Posted in Top 5 by SM on September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day, y’all! I wanted to make a labor-themed list this week, but I wasn’t feeling all that creative. Labor Day and unions will get their due in the list, but there are other things to cover…

1. SM on Fallon
I originally wanted to share this show SM & the Jicks put on at San Francisco’s Amoeba Records, but this two-song set on Fallon was too much to resist. The image of all those kids on stage peeing themselves over the awesomeness in front of them can’t escape my mind. All the live videos of material from this album further confirms that Mirror Traffic is the best I’ve heard this year and I doubt that will change any time soon. (I would have embedded the videos here, but NBC’s and Photobucket’s embedding doesn’t seem to cooperate with WordPress.)

2. Founders 2010 Nemesis
Recently, both Draft Magazine and The Hopry suggested that last year’s Nemesis is ready to come out of the cellar. They were right. Gone is the hoppiness and bite. Present is a smooth, luscious black barley wine, aged to near-perfection. I still have two left that will wit for at least another 6-12 months. It should be interesting to see how this beer matures even more.

3. Reckids
I’ve had an influx of records arriving at my house lately (and still more to come). It seems an order of three albums was lost somewhere and finally arrived this past week. I’ve barely had time to listen to Let’s Wrestle, Boat, and Joan of Arc. The Joan of Arc is pretty wicked, though. Also, I ordered a couple records I missed along the way: Eleanor Friedberger’s new solo effort and Wye Oak’s latest. On top of that, I’ve been listening to a streaming Wild Flag all week. So, there’s music about which to write once I find a moment.

4. Beers
There’s always a constant flow of beer in my life. I recently tried and thoroughly enjoyed Dogfish Head’s Squall, which is a bottle-conditioned version of their 90 Minute IPA. This was the same beer without the bite, quite enjoyable. Also, over the weekend, I had the Schlafly raspberry coffee stout. Meh. Fruit in stouts doesn’t often work for me. In this case, the raspberry overpowered everything. Luckily, I have another to age to see if the raspberry mellows.

5. Ohio State is 1-0.
This is all that matters. The Buckeyes had a long, long off-season as wins were vacated, players suspended, coaches resigned, etc. Now, they’ve finally played a game. It was a 42-0 win over outmatched Akron, but it was a win nonetheless. First-time head coach  Luke Fickell starts off undefeated. The defense pitches a shutout (which is a big deal no matter who you’re playing). The quarterbacks looked good. There was a new-found killer instinct lacking in previous teams. They even left at least 10 points on the field, fumbling once inside the 5 and missing a make-able field goal. Now, they welcome a slightly tougher – but still a MAC-rificial lamb – test in Toledo. Hopefully, a week from now, I’m writing that they’re 2-0 and ready for Miami.

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  1. Lyrics, Libations, and Life said, on September 5, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    I agree about fruits in stouts; although, this weekend I picked up the limited release cherry chocolate stout from Stone. I am very hopeful it is amazing. I also got the Green Tea IPA from them too. Perhaps more excited about that one.

    • builderofcoalitions said, on September 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

      The Green Tea IPA really just tastes like their IPA…maybe a bit more herbal. I’d like to try the cherry stout, but I have to wait and see if one of my siblings scored me one for their visit this weekend. We did not see either in mid-Missouri (on store shelves anyway).

  2. G-LO said, on September 5, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    I’ve been curious to try the Squall IPA. Going back to your post about beer label art, it is a very pretty labeled bottle. Sounds like it’s a beer that I might enjoy.

  3. Mike said, on September 6, 2011 at 9:46 am

    I’m just happy that TCU lost, so New Mexico isn’t the only 0-1 Mountain West team.

    Plus, there’s this, which I think got more news coverage than the game itself.

    • builderofcoalitions said, on September 6, 2011 at 10:03 am

      First of all, there were not “thousands” of Lobos fans. Tens, dozens, maybe hundreds. B, forget that people will be able to carry one order of soda and nachos in one hand; they now can carry two orders of each. Yay obesity!

      • Mike said, on September 6, 2011 at 10:12 am

        The low fan count is kind of a vicious cycle. The team, which has gone 2-23 since 2009, wants higher attendance, but the fans want a better team first. The game Saturday was a start, since it was a close loss: maybe if they can string together enough 4-point losses they’ll get a game or two with a 5-digit crowd.

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