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Posted in Live by SM on April 4, 2011

This post was published over the weekend at The CoMO Collective. Today is the official launch for the site. I don’t know exactly what that means, but if you are a fan of this blog and live in Columbia, Missouri, you should head on over there and see what we have to offer. It’s about more than music, but we should all branch out once in a while. As of now, there are no beer posts, but that might change.

That said, Believers is quickly becoming one of my favorite local bands. I suspect there are bigger things in their future, but for now I’ll relish in their two demos (linked below) and the one time I’ve been able to see them play. I don’t know whether they’re really that good or that I just like the idea of them. Either way, the band members I know in the band are nice guys. If you see that they’re playing, check them out. Once you start to hear them mentioned on other blogs, remember that you read about them here first.

Believers courtesy of yvynyl

Take that first Clap Your Hands Say Yeah record, mix in the better version of Vampire Weekend, add a dash of White Rabbits with a teaspoon of mysteriousness, you get Believers. Soon, you’ll all be believers and you’ll thank me for pointing you in their direction. You might think blog bands are passé and ignore this endorsement, but you would be missing out.

Maybe the most engaging and exciting thing that happened during all of True/False about a month back was the Believers set at the Super Secret party. Since then, the band has played a highly-discussed show at Mojo’s and is signed up to play Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City on April 8th. The sense of excitement and wonder in a Believers set is only challenged by all the interest the band is garnering.

Don’t take my word for how good this band is. Download their two tracks “Far From Home” and “Forward Forward Back” and you’ll figure out what all my gushing is about.


Forward Forward Back _Demo_

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