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No Time to Dabble

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on August 2, 2011

Since proclaiming myself a gentleman dabbler, time for such pursuits has been scarce. Or at least the time for blogging about my hobbies has. Work has been killing me. The heat has been debilitating. And my current obsession just proves once again that we should all kill our televisions.

Finding time for extracurricular pursuits as well as telling your about them has been a chore. Between traveling for work and family as well as it being the busiest time of year for my job, there just isn’t time for beer, Pavement, or coalition building. I recognize these are secondary or even tertiary in the grand scheme of things. Still, my hobbies and dabbles are a respite from the real world. No economic crisis or partisan blowhards here. Nope. I need my craft beer, indie rock, and this blog to keep me sane.

This post will get a huge monkey off my back. Over a week ago, I had a long list of things about which I wanted to blog. Most of those ideas have escaped me, but this feels like a comeback. There is another post coming on a Thursday[1]. Beyond that, I have at least one idea for another post. So, we should be good over here.

My other duties blogging have not come easy either. The work blog is barely keeping up and The CoMo Collective is sputtering a bit. Hell, the Twitter feed is even slowing to a halt. So, it’s not just here. I just don’t seem to have the time at the moment for any of these pastimes.

That said, I feel this post (and Thursday’s) will be my official slump busters. In fact, they are harbingers of good things to come, me thinks. Today busts the slump. Tomorrow will make my commitment to the beer blogosphere complete. After that, I’ll argue whether this should be a beer blog or a music blog. Somewhere, I have a show or two to attend and a record to review. So, Building International Coalitions should be fine regardless of how little time I have to dabble.

1That’s right. A Thursday. Actually, the post is set for Friday.

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  1. Pizza Cottontail said, on August 3, 2011 at 9:58 am

    “After that, I’ll argue whether this should be a beer blog or a music blog.”

    Do you have to choose?

    Also, a personal request: will you blog about the Bright Eyes show? I have tickets for his Albuquerque show but it’s mainly because I want to see the opener, Kurt Vile. Last time I saw Conor et al was one of my most frustrating concert experiences (akin to your Fleet Foxes moment, I suppose–the girls in front of me had choreographed their own little dorky dance to “Lua,” which seemed a very un-“Lua” thing to do) and I’m debating whether to stick around for both sets.

    • builderofcoalitions said, on August 3, 2011 at 10:02 am

      Well, that may very well be the conclusion at which I arrive. This blog is for both. I just want to compare the two genres or something and where this blog fits.

      I do plan to review the Bright Eyes show. In fact, I almost forgot to buy a ticket. I figure it’s his last round as BE and I owe it to myself to see what he has left in the tank, that old man.

  2. ATR said, on August 4, 2011 at 11:04 am

    It is important to make the time for those dabble-worthy pursuits that make our lives worth living. I hope your current state of occupation abates, and you soon find bountiful time for beer, music, and other dabblings.

    BTW, what monkey did you have on your back?

    • builderofcoalitions said, on August 8, 2011 at 10:46 am

      Sorry. This comment was lost in the shuffle. The monkey was the pressure to post. I guess that was unclear. It made sense in my mind.

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