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Posted in Jock Straps by SM on November 26, 2011

I once unsuccessfully argued in favor of college football on this blog. Since that time, the Tat-5, Nevin Shapiro, Willie Lyles, and Gerry Sandusky all happened, tarnishing what has been a rather tarnished game already. Plus, there’s the fact that college football doesn’t really do higher education any favors.  Still, I’m a fan, specifically of the Ohio State University Buckeyes.

It’s been a rough season for OSU as several key players have been out due to suspensions and injury. Maybe the most successful coach in school history is gone. In his place is an energetic, promising assistant who just isn’t ready for the spotlight yet. The result is a 6-5 record entering the final game (now 6-6) as touchdown-underdogs. Things suddenly don’t look good ethically or athletically at Ohio State.

Thankfully, the season (aside from possible bowl games) comes to an end today. Ohio State played Michigan in what is known as “The Game™,” the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Today was the 108th time the two schools have met, all of it over Toledo. Michigan pulled out the win for the first time in eight years and only the second in ten. So, it’s not all bad.

Ohio State jumped on top early. They put together a pretty good fight and somehow put 34 points on the board, which is a huge accomplishment for a team that’s struggled on offense all year. Still, they came up short and now I have to listen to fans of a team that is batting .200 in a rivalry over the last decade for another 365 days. Whatever.

The game was still important today. My greatest memories of childhood revolve around the game. I remember wins and losses, touch football in the backyard, and candy buckeyes. There was the year the Buckeyes won for Earl Bruce, Eddic George ended the Cooper drought, and the game of the century. I’m not religious, but if I were, my religion would center around the Game.

This year, it let me down. I tried to celebrate the first half lead with a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, but the lead didn’t last long. So, I drowned my sorrows with a 2009 vintage Lagunitas Gnarly Wine. It will be a long 365 days until revenge is ours. So, I’ll wait for Urban Renewal and the basketball team to lift my spirits.

Consider this Saturday filler. The month’s almost over…

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