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Believers Kickstarter/Pre-Order

Posted in Records by SM on December 8, 2011

OK. So, I’ve gushed about Believers here in the past. It’s fine. This local band is worthy of your attention. If you don’t believe me, look back through the archives and consider most of the other music I promote on this site. That should be enough for you to buy in.

Believers have launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the money to master and manufacture their debut EP. There are various levels of giving and corresponding rewards, but $15 will get you a record and digital download. Consider it a pre-order. Beyond that, there are t-shirts, mixed tapes/CD’s, artwork, even a live performance if you’re willing to give enough. However, the $15 option is still a good one.

Check out the video above (Sorry, but WordPress isn’t playing nice with the embedding. Click on the link for the video.) to get some idea of what these guys are up to. If you listen carefully, you’ll pick up the sounds that you will be purchasing. Also, you can preview two tracks here.

Join in the Coalition’s efforts to make this Believers EP happen. That is all.

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