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Programming Note

Posted in Beer, Beer Thousand, Mikkeller, Uncategorized by SM on January 29, 2012

Red Rye WineYes, I have been a bad, absent father as of late. However, things are happening. I’ve just been too busy to complete any posts. Here’s a quick rundown of posts I have in the works..

  • Rubber (a short story)
  • a review of every Mikkeller beer I’ve ever had
  • Throwing Stones
  • On Death
  • On Holidays
  • By Definition
  • On Scarcity
  • Something to do with a blind tasting I recently participated in
  • A possible note about a road trip to Nebraska recently
You can decide what all these posts have in store for you. Expect one or two to be done over the weekend and we’ll see from there.

Also of note, I will be cracking open the Mikkeller collab sent to me overseas better known as the Royal Rye Wine around noon (CST) tomorrow yesterday. Two friends will be helping me. We’ll record for a new video series I’ve dreamed up called Beer Thousand. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, check out my friend’s radio program, Vile Jelly Radio, on Sunday from 6-8 p.m. CST on 88.1 KCOU in Columbia, MO, or streaming at

Sorry. This was supposed to post on Friday. Still, the information rings true. Eventually, Vile Jelly will be available online in recorded form.

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