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Indie-Craft Interview #4: Bob Hartzell

Posted in Indie-Craft, Interview by SM on May 3, 2012

Bob Hartzell found me over a year ago, offering me an Archers of Loaf poster he printed back in the nineties. Since those halcyon days of yester-decades, he’s made quite a nice niche for himself in the Midwestern art scene with his Augratin Press. It’s nice to see the posters he creates for shows here, but his other projects are cool as well. Bob agreed to share some thoughts for yet another edition of the Indie-Craft interview series

1. Describe your craft(s).
I make things. I am mostly a silkscreener but I have been doing more light sculptures now that people are buying them. I also do as much community based work as I can because it is the most rewarding.

2. What’s the importance or benefit of remaining indie?
It helps hold of the eventual moment when I start to suck.

3. How does your craft contribute to society?
I think my community-based work encourages people to do creative things outside self-ordained, artistic environments. Other than that, my craft contributes nothing to society.

4. What other indie-craft products inspire you?
Furniture and Architecture as well as broken things.

5. What is your dream of success?
I am lucky to have done what I have. If it all goes down from here, I should still consider my self fortunate, but I will probably complain anyway.

Bob’s work can be found via Facebook or his website.

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