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Indie-Craft Interview #14: Katlyn Conroy

Posted in Indie-Craft, Interview by SM on May 23, 2012

My role at my other blog sometimes means that I get emails from artists passing through, hoping for some coverage. I try to do my best to preview their shows or even attend now and again with a review to follow. One such opportunity entered my inbox this week.

Katlyn Conroy, AKA La Guerre, was the latest touring artist to do so. As is usual, I checked out her material in order to see if I could help her. Well, after seeing what Katlyn is doing there in Lawrence, KS, I knew that she’d be a perfect fit for this series. Katlyn is currently touring as La Guere, her solo project, but appears to be busy with several other music projects. Since I felt like I was short on females for the interviews, I asked Katlyn to submit some answers. She did and the excellent results are below.

1. Describe your craft(s).
Singer, Songwriter, and Pianist for La Guerre (myself), Cowboy Indian Bear, and Hospital Ships

2. What’s the importance or benefit of remaining indie?
Remaining true to who I am as an artist, mostly. Also, it’s nice to kind of be forced into being my own manager, promoter, etc. because it helps shape me and instills in me a larger overall sense of the music “business”, whatever that means. Tomorrow it will mean something completely different. There’s a lot of beauty in creating something completely your own, kind of untouched by corporate hands.  There’s a lot of freedom in it, too. I can have 100% control in what direction I’m going and how fast I’m going at all times, and you can’t really say that for a lot of mainstream artists.

3. How does your craft contribute to society?
I try to participate in as many fundraisers/benefits as possible. I also do a lot of guest work on other musician’s albums and have contributed to many compilations. Just being able to spread out my music as broadly as possible to potentially increase awareness for certain issues always feels productive.

4. What other indie-craft products inspire you?
I grew up listening to primarily Bright Eyes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grandaddy, and a lot of artists who really built their own empire. I’ve always been inspired by young, unconventional talent that doesn’t give up and stays true to their vision. I have a lot of friends in that position who push me to continue doing what I love every day. It isn’t easy being broke, or feeling left out of the typical “growing up” experience, so anything that encourages you is so meaningful. I’m also inspired by a lot of my painter friends. I’ve never been able to put onto paper the images I see in my head, other than in writing form, so it’s really baffling to see them create this colorful, detailed scene out of nothing.

5. What is your dream of success?
Ideally, to inspire or bring out emotions in my listeners, and even potentially help their mental state at the time, like so many of my favorite artists have done for me. There are times when I’m on tour listening to music and watching my surroundings and the song I’m hearing just brings me out of the boredom of riding 7 hours in a van and transports me to this incredible state of emotion. If my music can do that for anyone, I’m happy.

Realistically, it would be fantastic to make music my only job while being able to afford to live. I don’t need fame, or a big house, I just want to be able to concentrate on creating music for the rest of my life.

You can  find Katlyn’s song “23” on her bandcamp page here  as well as the link to a song she performed in anticipation of this year’s Middle of the Map Festival. Cowboy Indian Bear are here. Katlyn plays as La Guerre at Columbia’s Candyland on June 8th for all my Middle Missouri readers.

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