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Your Science Update

Posted in Intersections, Manifesto by SM on December 15, 2011

When there’s a scientific discovery in the areas of craft beer and indie rock, I feel it is my duty to inform the coalition of such breakthroughs. It is part of the interdisciplinary mission of this blog that I’m making up right now to inform my readers of all aspects of said subject matter. How else will you know how to carry on in the future?

It has come to my attention that loud music makes alcohol taste sweeter. Conversely, more alcohol consumed makes loud music more tolerable. Thank you, Science!

So, what does this mean for the coalition?

Well, for starters, it proves that these two interests of mine can exist together, but one must be careful. For example, if an unsuspecting concert attendee ordered a PBR as a Screamo band started playing, it could be devastating to their evening and possibly entire life. The Screamo band would cause the person to think the “beer” he is consuming tastes better than it does, causing him to buy and drink more. The addition of alcohol to his system will make the music more tolerable as the night wears on, causing irreversible damage to his musical tastes. This is not something we should take lightly, folks.

If handled correctly, this information can be used for good. Go see a good indie band. No matter who it is, the shitty sound system in whatever club they’re playing in will probably have the system turned to 11 just to sound decent. With those loud but dulcet tunes playing, you will yearn for a drink. If you ask for a craft beer, the chances that you’ll enjoy said beer are increased exponentially. The cycle continues and you finally see the point of this blog.

So, thank you, scientists. We will all now continue with the loud music and craft beer enjoyment knowing that one feeds the other.

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