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The Times Are A Changin’

Posted in Uncategorized by SM on January 23, 2012

Sorry for the erratic posting as of late. My life just got really busy and I’ve had no time to post. However, that should be a good opportunity for me to do things a little differently around here or as I originally intended.

This blog was never to be a chore or one of those everyday kinds of things. We were approaching that in November and December. Then, as I’ve mentioned above, I became very busy. That and posts were coming slowly. I needed a jolt.

Well, a few things have crossed my desk and made me rethink this blog yet again.

First, I originally set out to write longer, more thought-out posts than I’ve been doing lately. Sure, some of my ideas have potential, but they often falter as I hurry to publish them. So, I’m getting back to the fully-baked blog posts that made this blog so strong at one time. The intention has always been to develop something I can publish, like on paper. Well, half-assed blog posts don’t usually end up as books or magazine articles. So, a new focus on quality will be evident here. If my quality sinks, I’ll expect that you’ll all let me know.

Second, I will be getting away from Monday top-5 lists and the straight reviews. They’re tedious and rarely all that interesting. I may still do lists, but they will be lists deserving of consideration. Reviews won’t disappear completely from this site, but they will feature more than just a nuts and bolts review. Look for my Royal Rye Wine review in video form. Future views may or may not be of the video variety, but they will be the essay form I typically enjoy writing.

Finally, there will be a new focus on what this coalition is about: craft beer and indie rock…or craft rock and indie beer and where the two intersect. The straight indie rock posts attract no traffic. It’s been done before. The straight craft beer posts are sort of boring. Beer/music posts are my specialty and I should stick to that. Plus, it could help develop my niche for the first goal mentioned above.

Stay tuned. I have two posts in the works and another one marinating. The Royal Rye Wine tasting will happen Saturday. The video of that tasting should happen some time next week.

Tell me what you think. What am I missing? Do you welcome this back-to-basics approach? Should I even bother? Come on. Validate me.

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