Beer and Pavement

A Drinking Blog with a Music Problem

Posted in Intersections by SM on November 10, 2011

Since starting a blog five or so years ago, I have primarily written about music. Whether it was general interest, the Pavement oeuvre, or a history of my concert-going experiences, my blogs tended to be about music. For a time, I dabbled with a beer blog, but I never fully incorporated beer into what I do until this blog happened. Even on this blog, I’ve probably written more posts on music than beer, but it’s getting close.

Things have shifted, however.

Over the last year+, I have read and commented on blogs all over the internets. What I found in doing so was that different sites gave different results. If I commented on a music blog or site (when available), there was either no response or I was met with record store clerk condescension. On top of that, I could rarely count on anyone – bloggers or commenters – following me back to this blog to join our conversation here.

When I visit and comment on beer blogs, the exact opposite happens. There are thoughtful responses to comments. Discussions happen. On more than one occasion, the bloggers and commenters at these other sites follow me here and contribute to the comments. Several have even linked back to this blog. The beer blogging community is a friendly lot.

Then, there’s the traffic. My music posts barely come close to garnering as many views as most of my beer posts. When people go looking for music blogs, they want something more immediate, more polished than what I have to offer. I’m not in this for the traffic, but it gives me some kind of barometer for what people want to read.

So, this blog is turning into more of a beer blog every day. I’m okay with that, but I won’t stop with the music posts.