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The Six Degrees of Thurston Moore: Challenge #1

Posted in Challenge, Six Degrees of Thurston Moore by SM on October 9, 2010

You may recall that my last post proposed a theory that any indie or alt musician could be connected to Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore in six steps or less. I demonstrated this to be true with the likes of Ani Difranco, Deerhunter, and Justin Bieber. Then, I invited my readership to come up with some musicians of their own for me to connect to Thurston.

My loyal followers did not disappoint. The first three suggestions included a little-known Australian indie outfit, a local band from right here in Middle-Missouri, and a hard-rocking, bow-toting guitar hero. None are obvious at first, but all prove my theory.

First up: The Go-Betweens – This Australian band enjoyed some minor success throughout the 80’s with songs like “Streets of Your Town” and “Was There Anything I Could Do?”, but are they within six degrees of Thurston Moore?

  1. The Go-Betweens featured Amanda Brown on violin.
  2. Amanda Brown played violin for R.E.M. in several tracks and even appeared in their tour documentary, Road Movie.
  3. R.E.M. recorded “Crush with Eyeliner” with Thurston Moore on background vocals (and possibly guitar?).

Another route I could have taken is as follows…

  1. The Go-Betweens once collaborated with Nick Cave on a project known as the Tuff Monks.
  2. Nick Cave curated an All Tomorrow’s Parties in Australia.
  3. ATP has also been curated by Thurston Moore on two occasions.

Next up: The Foundry Field Recordings – This is a local band here in Columbia and if it works in five steps, I too will be six degrees from Thurston Moore (whom I’ve actually met in-person…wait…)

  1. The Foundry Field Recordings are on Emergency Umbrella Records.
  2. EU features Sinkane, AKA Ahmed Gallab, on its lineup.
  3. Ahmed Gallab is also a current member of Yeasayer.
  4. Yeasayer appeared on the compilation Dark Was the Night.
  5. Dark Was the Night featured Matador bands Spoon (formerly), Yo La Tengo, and Cat Power.
  6. Matador is the current label for Sonic Youth.

Yeasayer also opened for Beck on tour and that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to Sonic Youth, but you get the picture.

Finally, stepping away from indie bands, my cousin suggested Ted Nugent. This might stretch the theory, but here goes nothing. I mean, how in the hell is a NRA, right-winged, hair metal nut-job only six degrees from one of my heroes? Watch and learn…

  1. Ted Nugent was in Damn Yankees whose label was Warner Brothers.
  2. Warner Brothers’ lineup includes The Flaming Lips.
  3. The Lips once famously opened for and backed Beck while he toured to support Sea Change.
  4. Sea Change was released on Geffen Records.
  5. Geffen started the rush for indie and punk bands in the late 80’s/early 90’s by signing (yes, you guessed it) Sonic Youth.

So, there you have it. The theory of the Six Degrees of Thurston Moore lives on! If you have quicker or more interesting connections than the ones I provided, please share. If you have musicians I can’t possibly connect to Thurston Moore, share those as well.